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Connecting every cell of the body with the soul
Understanding our (parents) core beliefs …..

Building a Conscious and Mindful Parenting Journey from Prenatal to Postnatal

Understanding your child ……

Scientifically understanding why children behave in a certain way

Understanding Child Psychology

Being Sentient is an initiative by

She is a mother of a 5-year old boy Manan, a certified Montessori trainer, a development sector professional, and an Early Childhood Care and Education Enthusiast.

Education has been her niche during her work assignments in the development sector. She has a background in working with less privileged children of government schools and with children of laborers working at construction sites and mills.

Therefore, the “right kind of education” for every child has always been a topic very close to her heart. She has been specifically interested in “Early Childhood Care and Education” as she has always been fascinated by how these little bundles of joy are so full of energy and happiness. They are crying in one moment and in the next, they might be joyfully laughing and playing. Their observation skills and determination to master each milestone at such a young age is impeccable and most importantly, these skills occur to them naturally. She understood more about early childhood care and education (ecce) with more depth now, when she had her own little human with her 24×7.

So, while going through a lot of literature to understand the science behind ecce, she felt the need of sharing such important tools and techniques with parents around and realized that it is very important for all the parents to understand these little individuals and the so the journey of Being Sentient began.


What we do



Building a knowledge base for parents and caregivers

When we start planning to have a baby, it in itself is a very big decision. In midst of pregnancy, work, planning for delivery, and prepping our home/ nursery we forget that we are going to have a whole being. This is the first time we are starting our journey as a parent and we have the little one in this new world. We help you in understanding what to expect from yourself and your child.



Parenting is chaotic (we all know that) and we are all ears to listen to you and your situations that look difficult and we assure you that you can do it and we will help you to understand your child from your child’s perspective and help you solve your specific problems.


Helping you create a holistic environment for your little one

Every child is unique and identical in their own way. They explore this world in accordance with their own little experiments that they continue to work on in an entire day through play and as parents what we can do is to provide them an environment in which they can thrive physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

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