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Let’s Envision

If we may, let us ask you some of the questions that we as adults find most pressing issues today as, in this post-pandemic, highly volatile world which are not taught by schools (should be) and could be only covered under the institution of family and friends?

The top 3 answers that we got from people were;

  • Mental Health and depression which includes people skills of communicating, listening, sensitivity and empathy
  • Caring for the environment, living a sustainable life
  • Problem solving skills including employment, finances or simply confidence and inner strength

So, we asked ourselves that what needs to be done to harness the overall intelligence that includes strong mental health, good physical health (gross and fine motor skills) and development of cognitive skills of the child, and the skills that make our children empathetic, caring, and loving and at the same time also independent, curious and self-learners. By enabling this intelligence in early childhood years, one can actually lead a life with a very positive and strong foundation and we believe that what can be a better and safe learning space than home and who can be a better teacher than parents.

Yes of course solving mathematical equations is important, knowing newton’s laws are essential but let’s try to achieve that in an alternative way and not the conventional way of rote learning, homework, examinations, and results. The parents should be involved in providing freedom to the children to experiment, to grow, to grasp, and keep on experimenting as they please until they are satisfied.

Most of us have read about MASLOW’s hierarchy of needs, which entails that at the base of the pyramid are physiological needs, and at the top is self-actualization, the full realization of one’s unique potential. Along the way are the needs for safety, belonging, love, and esteem (This is a representation of human psychological needs and we will not actually follow the hierarchy)

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

So, what we need to understand here is that as our children, when we are providing them with the basic physiological needs of air, water, food, and shelter, etc, as well as safety needs, let us help them in understanding the importance and worth of love and belongingness, let them explore their inner self, understand that they have choices in life and become conscious of who they are and what they want. And we as parents will give them respect, space, and time to explore, and promise ourselves to not judge them and certainly do not pressurize them. We as parents need to build that cocoon (very consciously), in which they can flourish and thrive.

So, the question arises that how are we going to achieve this;

  1. Becoming conscious parents (If possible, we should start this process while planning for conception) and if you are already a parent, let’s start today (it’s never too late) and by being a conscious parent we mean to mindfully check our actions not just with the children but with everyone around (including ourselves).
  2. Having everyday rituals at home like watering plants together, going for a morning or evening walk or simply having dinner together, going out once a week as a family to a park or do any common activity builds strong family values.
  3. READING as suggested by every educationist is very important. It not only helps the child to build better vocabulary but also it could be considered as a bonding activity between parent and child (at any point of time in a day).
  4. Taking children to visit grandparents regularly. The unconditional love, guidance and wisdom that grandchildren get from their grandparents is overwhelming.

The above mentioned are a few points that will help the child to feel secure connections. When the child will feel secure from the inside, he/she will be able to explore the outside world with greater zeal and confidence, helping them in understanding their interests, choices, strengths, and freedom. Freedom, of being one’s own self.

There are many other ways through which we can work together to build a flourishing environment for our little ones and we are here to help you out by sharing knowledge and ways to achieve it.

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