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Develop a “secure connection” with your Unborn Child

    Through Garbh Sanskar/ Fetal Programming

    Hello Would-be Parents !!

    Let’s talk about Garbh Sanskar / Fetal Programming 

    Garbh Sanskar/ Fetal Programming is an evidence-based scientific concept that is well researched. It shows that the fetus is a soul and a developing body that is conscious and experiences environmental conditions. As expecting mothers, we should surround ourselves with SATVIK energy of joy and happiness. Talk to your child as if he/she is in your arms. Manifest positive life ahead together🤰🤱

    How to Practise Garbh Sanskar/Fetal Programming?

    • Connect with your unborn child by talking (singing to them, wishing them Good morning & night) to them.
    • Manifest all the beautiful and meaningful attributes (like compassion or empathy) for your unborn child by sharing stories with them.
    • Providing enriching experiences to your child by keeping yourself calm and happy through reading good books, listening to good music/ working on a hobby, or maybe going on a walk.

    Things to consider while practicing Garbh Sanskar/Fetal Programming

    • Try to stay away from anything (people, place, or food) that creates Tamasic energy i.e. laziness, depression, helplessness, doubt, guilt, shame, addiction, hurt, sadness, apathy, confusion, grief, dependency, ignorance.
    • Eat good food which is cooked with love and affection keeping in mind the health of both mother and child so that it not only provides you with nutrition but also with clean and satvik energy.

    Things Garbh Sanskar/ Fetal Programming involves

    • Take care of your diet by having fresh fruits and homemade food cooked with good energy
    • Positive thinking and avoiding negative situations and thinking.
    • Practice Yoga and Meditation.
    • Listen to good and meaningful music (songs, shlokas, and even VED and PURANAS readings) and bring peace to your mind and soul.
    • Read spiritual and philosophical books that nourish your soul.

    We at Being Sentient helps you with:

    1. Providing one on one consultation regarding any sort of your queries.
    2. Connecting you with an antenatal yoga expert and providing you with Garbh Sanskar training.
    3. Helping you in building affirmations and a positive attitude towards a healthy pregnancy.
    4. Helps you in preparing for labour and delivery

    Check out our Video on Garbh Sankar: Garbh Sanskar / Fetal Programming

    To know more, contact us.

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