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Apurwa is a great mentor for me

    I want to thank Apurwa Dariyani from the bottom of my heart because she helped me out throughout my pregnancy journey as I was facing many problems during the whole time.
    My baby was born premature, so at that time also she help me about the diet, growth, mental development and many more things which is required for the baby.
    Few month ago we came to know that my daughter is not walking perfectly so my doctor told us, you have to visit physiotherapist, so at that time also we raised this concern with Apurwa and then also she suggested another pediatrician which is very best and the doctor suggested that your baby does not require any therapy, she needs only vitamins and calcium and soon ffter that my daughter started walking in few weeks.
    One time, I found that my daughter’s skin tone is uneven so I spoke to her and she gave me solution and she got better..
    In my life, she is a great mentor for me.
    I really appreciate her suggestions and she has helped me out in every situation with my daughter Aarvi.