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Child Parent bonding

We all love our children “the most” in this world and we always want them to get the best in their life. We work really hard every day so that we can give the best education and great career choices and in short the best future. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that they are the driving force in our lives and we make all the decisions while keeping them in mind. But in this planning and while performing our daily duties we forget to build that strong foundation with our children which will last a lifetime. Research studies have shown that the right attachment bond developed between parent and child in the early years of life helps children to be more confident, it helps them in regulating their emotions and finding a confidant in their parents. “Mothers can start building the bond with their little one even when they are in the womb by talking to them, reading to them, telling them stories and making them hear the music you like. Fathers can do the same as well “😍

Children of different ages require different kinds of relationships with their parents. As every relationship is different similarly every parent-child bond is different. Hence, bonding is a very personal experience for each one of us and this complex relationship takes time. There’s no magic formula and it can’t be forced, it is a process. In the process of bonding with the baby though mothers get an advantage of being around them and fathers are mostly away from home, dads should also realize early on that they should also have that special bond with their little one and they don’t have to be the second mom to them, they are unique in their own way and therefore, there is nothing to worry about, there are special activities which fathers can do with the babies.

Just after the delivery, a baby whose basic needs are being met won’t suffer if the bond isn’t strong at first because as we said earlier, it takes time. As the parents settle at home to the new routine, and it becomes more predictable that how the day would be like while understanding the napping and feeding patterns one can start spending bonding time with the baby and this will make your parenting journey more joyful and fulfilling.

We want you to know that children are very intelligent beings. Your child knows you from the way you touch and embrace them, they can feel you by the way you look at them, they find their safe zone in your arms. This is the best time to harness that emotional bond with them and not let it fade away as they grow up. Children need parents at every step of life and let us become that support system to them that they never have to lie to us or hide anything from us, that they can express their good, bad and ugly emotions in front of us and find solace while talking to us.

Some DO’s for building child-parent bond; (We are sure that you know most of these and these are just reminders)

  1. Treat infants and toddlers as adults, give them respect, let them chose what they like (definitely marking the right limits).
  2. Listen to them openly. For young infants listen to the cues they give you while cooing and crying, understand their eyes and expressions.
  3. Sing songs to your child, read to them, play games, go out and explore together.
  4. Children immitate what they see, care and respect for the people who work for you i.e. your maid, gardener, milkman, help them to foster empathy and respect for others.
  5. Talk to them about how you feel about the day, how your day was (balancing the good and bad), and share your emotions with them, for it will good for them to understand how to communicate their emotion when they feel something like that.

Being Sentient helps you;

  • By providing one on one mentoring sessions to both and also individual parents both online and offline.
  • We conduct offline workshops for building child parent bonding sessions.
  • In understanding your child and understand why they behave in a certain way through our repository and YouTube channel.
  • With our consulting sessions, we help you to regulate your emotions so that your positivity aids to healthy relationship with your child.
  • We conduct garb sanskar sessions to connect with your unborn child.

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