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ECCE at home

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Early Childhood is a time period defined from birth to 8 years of age. It is a period of rapid development of physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, and language development.

The question must arise in your mind that why this time period is given such importance 🤔

Early Childhood Care and Education is not just about preparing for preschool years, it is about giving the strongest foundation of love, relationships, and happiness. It covers every aspect of life from self-hygiene to nutrition, caring for your siblings and friends, understanding emotions of self and others, respecting limits, development of gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, etc.

There are a lot of resources that you will find online regarding early childhood care and education but we as parents never actually come across any such articles until and unless we are from an educational background of being a teacher or an educator and we know most of the parents will not be aware that there is something as NATIONAL EARLY CHILDHOOD CARE AND EDUCATION (ECCE) CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK published by the Ministry of Women and Child Development which entails various domains of development in early childhood years and also the description of the age-appropriate learning environment.

We at Being Sentient believe that every parent should understand the rationale behind the development of such a document and build an understanding of the trajectory of various development stages because after all we love and care for our children so much and we want the best for them, it becomes very crucial to know the why, how and what of the development of the child. It’s not just the job of teachers and school to develop them but children spend a lot more time with parents and at home and who is a better teacher than parents who knows them in and out.

Now comes the question that how Being Sentient helps you;

  • We are building a knowledge base for parents (which will be available for free) through our website and YouTube Videos
  • We conduct regular online workshops on different topics related to ECCE.
  • We are building a community of new parents and caregivers through our facebook and instagram pages.
  • We provide one on one consultation (both online and offline) on issues and questions related to early childhood care and education.
  • We help you design your nursery, playroom and other areas of your home keeping in mind the Montessori method and experiential learning techniques.

To know more, contact us.

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