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Story (telling+reading)

Story (telling+reading) for infants and toddlers is a very classic and interesting technique to engage children in a fruitful learning session.

We cannot emphasize more on how important storytelling and reading altogether are for the development of your child. Early introduction to books and inclusive reading routine, introduce them to another level of imagination and engagement to the world.

Storytelling and reading help the child’s brain development and imagination, develops language and enhance social skills and communication skills, helps in understanding emotions (even helps in regulation) and strengthen bonding and hence strong relationships.

Some tips for Story (telling+reading)

  1. Anytime is good and not necessarily good night stories
  2. You might not need book in your hand but can share a story with your child anywhere, this may include anything from your favourite childhood tale to anything that is related to your culture
  3. You can use any object around you to create a meaningful story with a moral
  4. You can also sing songs/ rhymes which have stories (like three little pigs)

One great benefit of introducing books at an early age is that it helps children to sit with concentration (which is a difficulty, a lot of parents face today) and reduces their entropy levels. They start finding meaning in the language and will start asking related questions, hence increasing curiosity. Connecting a real life situation to a story that you have read together is a very good example of a association and conversation building with your toddler.

When we ask parents to talk to their children, they often ask us what should they talk about, they are just toddlers, this is where you can begin, telling them stories, singing with them, reading to them etc.

Good story (telling+reading) involves:

  1. Changing voice tones according to emotions.
  2. Actions can be more engaging.
  3. Keeping in mind the punctuation marks.
  4. You can add your personal experiences.
  5. Clearly stating characters and their relationships.

We at Being Sentient helps you to engage with your child in the best possible way because we believe that nobody can be more involved than a parent and parents know the best for their child.

You can register for our topic specific workshops (short duration, especially designed for parents) and learn the skills.

Till then, Happy Parenting!! 😊

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