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The Prenatal phase

So, here you are with a positive home pregnancy test result in your hand (which is mostly accurate 5-6 weeks after your last period)... excited? perplexed? Over the moon?? Planning to fix your next appointment with your OBGYN.

The doctor is going to ask you several questions like;

  • When was your last period?
  • Have you ever been pregnant before?
  • What kind of birth control method have you used?
  • Do you have any allergies or health problems? and so on and so forth

The doctor will then calculate your Estimated Delivery Date(EDD), which is very important to schedule your further scans and tests.

There might be several questions in your mind, like;

  • What kind of food you need to eat and how much you should eat?
  • What kind of exercises you can do ?
  • Can you have sex during your first trimester?
  • How regular your check ups would be?
  • Morning sickness, feeling exhaused etc.
  • Will I be able to deliver normally or c-section will be required? and many other

For example, one can hear a fetal heartbeat around 6 1/2 – 7 weeks after gestation (believe us, it’s a very miraculous experience), you would actually feel that you are a creator and God has given you this beautiful chance of procreating and this very experience is not just precious for the mother but for the father as well.

It could be very difficult for first-time parents to process so much information at hand altogether and some can even feel shy in asking these questions from their doctor, especially related to intimacy levels with the spouse and things like how soon can one disclose their pregnancy at their work.

And so there is a lot of such stuff that would-be parents need to talk about and wouldn’t it be great if we have someone to ask such questions.

No doubt there is plenty of information available on the internet and there are books to read on pregnancy but they are all one-sided but in our opinion, it should be a dialogue, nothing is better than being heard and getting all your answers on one on one basis because at Being Sentient we believe that journey of every individual is special, every pregnancy is different, every child is different and it’s really important to talk about one’s apprehension on such an important matter.

A brief about the prenatal phase:

Prenatal development, also known as antenatal development, is the phase in human reproduction covering the period from the germinal stage (starting exactly after conceiving i.e. 0-2 weeks), formation of an embryo (weeks 3-8), through the development of the fetus (week 9 onward ), to birth.

With each passing week, the organs are getting developed and you will be happily surprised to know how wonderfully nature is playing its part that the little one is able to hear the first sounds around 18 weeks and by around 24 weeks, those little ears can hear more clearly and hearing capacity is developing rapidly over the coming weeks.

This is where we come in, Being Sentient helps you in;

  1. Providing one on one consultation regarding any sort of your queries.
  2. Connecting you with an antenatal yoga expert and provide you with Garbh Sanskar training.
  3. Helping you in building affirmations and positive attitude towards a healthy pregnancy.
  4. Helps you in preparing for labour and delivery

To know more, contact us.

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